Hans-Joern Brandenburg  

I studied music at the university for music,drama and  

dance in Hannover/Hamburg. 

1990 I worked with BobWilson ,Tom Waits and William  

S.Burroughs on the musictheatreproduction “The Black Rider” at Thalia  Theatre,Hamburg 

2000-2003 musical director at the Schauspielhaus Hamburg ,where I met the Tiger  Lillies to do the german production of “Shockheaded Peter”. 

2001 music for “The Tempest” Shakespeare/Jan Louwers 

2001 I did the string arrangements for the Tiger Lillies/KronosQuartet production “The  GoreyEnd” ,which was nominated for a Grammy in 2003. 

Since 2003 I live and work in Berlin . 

2002 MD for “TheepennyOpera” Brecht/Weill/N.Stemann at Schauspiel Hannover 2003 MD for “Leonce&Lena” Buechner/Wilson /Groenemeyer at Berliner ensemble 2005 MD/Composer for “Wintertales “Shakespeare/Wilson at Berliner ensemble 2006 music for “Totentanz” Strindberg/Th.Langhoff 

2007 MD for “Threepennyopera” Brecht/Weill/Wilson at Berliner ensemble 2008 Musical arrangements for “Parsifal” Wagner/T.Kühnel/J.Kuttner at Schauspiel  Cologne 

2009 MD for ” Sonette” Shakespeare/Wilson/Wainwright 

Composed music for several productions of GeorgeTabori between 2003-2007  2011 MD for Wilson/ Waits „Woyzeck“ in Dresden  

2012 Release of „Tanger Trio & ensemble mondaine“ at Series Aphonos / London 2013 MD for „Peter Pan „ by Barrie directed by b:Wilson Music by Cocorosie 2014 Pianomusic Collection „Winter in Tanger“ unreleased  

2015 MD and Arranger for FAUST 1+2 by Goethe /Wilson/Groenmeyer at Berliner  ensemble


Gioia Brandenburg 
born 2006,
visiting a special art- class at Rheingau Gymnasium/Berlin.
Several ,widely acclaimed works with pencil,acrylic,watercolours and oil.