Nicholé Velásquez

Nicholé Velásquez ist in New York aufgewachsen und studierte am dortigen International Center for Photography. Mit einer Mehrfachbelichtungstechnik auf Analogfilm möchte er eine inspirierende Begegnung schaffen zwischen unserem menschlichen Sehen, welches auch mit emotionalen Erinnerungen verknüpft ist, und einem maschinellen Sehen, welches unsere Wahrnehmung erweitert, weil es mehrere Bilder übereinander legt und damit mehr Eindrücke bietet, als wir in der Realität sehen können. Manche seiner hier ausgestelltenWerke sind auf einer Silberspiegelplatte aufgetragen und verändern bei aktiver Betrachtung ihre Farbe, sprich wenn man das Bild von unterschiedlichen Winkeln aus betrachtet. Vielleicht ist Ihnen das auch schon aufgefallen. Diese Technik entwickelte er völlig neu inZusammenarbeit mit Techniker.

Nichole Velasquez 

c/o Kundert, Helmstrasse 3,  

10827, Berlin, Germany 

Velásquez is a Flâneur 



Investigating the usage of Flânerie  w i t h m u l t i p l e e x p o s u r e  interventions on analogue film  p h o t o g r a p h y. I n t e r e s t e d i n  exploring poetic interfaces between  Human Vision and Machine Vision  through compositions engaging  emotional memories. Pioneering  Heuristic methods inspired by  insights in Assembly Theory. This  interest is about framing bridges  between our Human Vision  which is constructed over time and  connected to emotional memories,  

e x p e r i e n c e s , a n d s c e n e  

understanding— together with  Machine Vision which is also  constructed over time with  materials and connected to our  built world environments involving  complex problem solving processes  

that impact us, can extend our perceptions, impress new understandings and task iterations. My  works engage viewers through poetic encounters to share and reveal a Possibility Space with  dynamic processes which surround us during our current so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution.  

I am pioneering a unique multiple exposure technique on analogue photography, where  emotional compositions emerge as I develop my films. Together with my technician, Dominique  Ventzke and a materials scientist from the Technical University of Berlin I have also pioneered  unique silver mirror plates in Berlin. These plates change colours during active viewing. 

Awarded Le Prix académique Industries et Cultures Art Faber in 2018 from the Panthéon-Assas  Sorbonne Universités for my depictions of industrial processes. Art Faber, a movement is  inspired by Henri Bergson’s Homo Faber, aims to reach wider audiences through publications  and exhibitions in collaboration with this Paris working group. ° 

faber ° Velasquez_Nicole_Portfolio_21_1.pdf

Biographical Information 

1986 – Born, Lenox Hill Hospital, New York. 2000 – Classes at Metropolitan Museum of Art, under Rika Burnham 2003 – Bard College at Simon’s Rock, focus on Anthropology 2004 – Teen Academy at the International Center of Photography, focus on b/w printing & story telling 2005 – City University of New York – Hunter College, focus on International Political Economics 2005 – Joyceln Benzakin Fellowship Award’s youngest recipient, mentored under Joseph Rodriguez 2006 – Began exhibiting, with openings in Stockholm, Sweden. 2007 – McCann Erickson, as Data Clerk for Global Headquarters, New York. 2011 – Moved to Berlin. Began to explore experimental analogue photography. 2012 – Researcher in Residence for Christiania community. 2013 – Artist in Residence for the City of Copenhagen, focused on emotional character portraits. 2014 – Artist in Residence for Danish Art Foundation at Jorn Utzon’s Can Lis, Mallorca.  2015 – Artist in Residence in City of Moscow, focused on emotional Landscapes. 2016 – Colloquium on Experimental Compositional Theory, Webster Vienna Private University, under the  class of Assis. Prof. Dr. Anthony Löwstedt. 2017 – Artist Colloquium on Experimental Colour Theory, School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Stevie  Hanley, Contemporary Practices Department. 2018 – Awarded Le Prix académique Industries & Cultures / Art faber, under the patronage of Lourdes  Arizpe, Honorary General Director of Cultures at the UNESCO. 2019 – Panama City, Private Collection, Artist in Residence. Working closely with photographers Dr.  

Boris v. Brauchitsch, Wolfgang Krolow and Dr. Hans Georg Berger. French Embassy Berlin hosts  Bauhaus series from Art Faber community. Closed ‘RI’ of MaRiDo collaboration with Ryszard Wasko. 2020 – Invited Deutsch-Französischer Wirtschaftspreis und Preis für Kultur- und Kreativwirtschaft. 2021 – Developing “Für Unbestimmte Zeit” series exploring our 24 hour circadian time cycle. 2022 – Developing artistic exchanges and finished commission for the Bumiller Collection. 2023 – Curated One One For Tor – Never Leave together with Trevor Lloyd Morgan with Catalog Launch.  Awarded Curatorial Scholarship at Otte1, inspired by Dr. Beatrice von Bismarck.  

Artist in Residence for Christiania community, returning after a decade to revisit Eternal Return  themes and new experimental compositional landscapes.  



“The City, Curated by Annie  Leibovitz” , ICP at the Point, NY “Vantage Point 13 ICP”, ICP, NY 2006 

“Vantage Point 14 ICP”, ICP, NY  The Barber Shop and Personal  Family Portraits” solo show in  Gamla Stan, Stockholm, Sweden 2007 

“Vantage Point 15 ICP”, ICP NY  “Building a Home“, solo show at  Art Concept, Stockholm, Sweden  2009 

“Art Basel Miami”, The Gitana  Rosa Gallery, Miami 


“Fragile Heros”, Kunstverein  Montez, Frankfurt, Germany  A Private View”, solo show at  Garbergs, Stockholm, Sweden  2013 

Back to the Roots to Find the  Future”, Kunstverein Montez,  Frankfurt, Germany  

“Montefiore Permanent Photo  Exhibit”, Montefiore Bronx, NY  


Crossing Horizons”, Rääf Galerie,  Stockholm, Sweden, hosted by  Efrain Lopez Gallery, USA  

Nudes” The Ballery, Berlin  “Juicy”, Gitana Rosa Gallery, NY  


The New Wave UNCUT” MSK  EastSide Gallery, Moscow, Russia “PIN UP!” 

Pavlov’s Dog, Berlin, Germany 

“a rose is a rose is a rose” 

Curated by Dodi Reifenberg,  Berlin, Germany. 

“Einmal ist Keinmal” 

Kunst unter Kiefern, Café K, am  Georg Kolbe Museum, Berlin  


“Cool Waves Flow Over My Mind” Glogauer A.I.R. Berlin, Germany  ‘A Rose is a Rose’ Hohenthal und  Bergen, Berlin, Germany  


We all love Art“ by Ryszard  Wasko 


Private presentation by the  Pantheon, Paris. 2018  

Private presentation in Panama  City. 2019 

Private Presentation at Under den  Linden 39, Berlin. 2020 


“Für Unbestimmte Zeit”, The  Remise, Berlin,  

a rose is a rose” by Dodi  Reifenberg & Artist Against FGM  Berlin, Germany.  


The Dream” Hohenthal und  Bergen, Arsenal Venice, Italy 


One One For Tor, Never Leave curated by Velásquez-Morgan,  Berlin Zossenerstr 33. 

Art meets Science:Transition” at  FGK Clinical Research Offices in  Internationales Handelszentrum,  Friedrichstrasse 95, Berlin



International Center for Photography (ICP) Fellowship,  Scholarship Fellow of Jocelyne Benzakin (JB)  Fellowship, under the supervision of Joseph Rodriguez  


Artist-in-Resident, “Christiania Researcher in  Residence”, Christiania, Denmark  


Artist-in-Resident, “City of Copenhagen”, CPH AIR,  Denmark with Colloquium at Fabrikken for Kunst og  Design  


-Invited Participant of the “portfolio walk” for the  German Academy of Photography (Der Deutschen  Fotografischen Akademie) in Deichtorhallen, Hamburg,  Germany. Supported by Ingo Taubhorn.  

-Jorn Utzon’s Can Lis Residence, 

“Committee of Danish Architects at the Danish Art  Foundation/Jorn Utzon Foundation”, Mallorca, Spain  -Colloquium, Dusseldorf Kunst Akademie (lecture for  master class of Christopher Williams)  


Colloquium on Experimental Compositional Theory,  Webster Vienna Private University, under the class of  Assis. Prof. Dr. Anthony Löwstedt.  

Colloquium on Experimental Colour Theory, School of  the Art Institute of Chicago, Stevie Hanley,  Contemporary Practices Department.  


Prix ART FABER, Paris, inspired by ‚Homo Faber’ of  Henri Bergson. Panthéon Sorbonne Assas  


Colloquium on Human Vision, Kunster der Gegenwart,  junge Generation, Kassel University  


Artist-in-Resident, “Christiania Researcher in  Residence”, Christiania, Denmark. Revisiting. 



– Rouanm Benamin, ‘Queer Vulture’ TTTMagazine,  October 2014 – Musée Magazine No. 2 ‘The Fear Issue March 


Collective Magazine 18, Feature, July  

– Luca Mattia Danelzik, ‘Art & Idée’ Feature Review in  TTTMagazine, no. 3, Fall  


-Painting, as another method for a meeting, You Hyeon Kyeong Korean Art Museum exhibition catalogue,  Forward written by me. 


-One One For Tor, Never Leave exhibition catalogue,  epilogue with Windows on the World.