Noa Nahari

Noa Nahari was born in 1973. Her artistic interest have been consolidated during years of  spiritual studies which included various of cultures and aspects of visual art. In her work, she uses complex alignments, mostly installation, very ambitious projects from  aspects of scope and complexity and extensive use of varied media means like video, sound  and varied objects. The art projects deal with personal space, socio-political realities, emotion,  and create experiences in which the human body interacts with the art object and is modified  in this process examines the boundaries of physics. 

Noa completed an MFA with emphasis on New Media at the Academy of architecture, Design  and Art in Prague. Noa recently held a residency in Kunstlerbethanien. She has had solo shows  in Jerusalem, Prague, Berlin and several group exhibitions in Moscow, Vienna, Tel Aviv and New York. She is currently based in Berlin, Germany.

 Born in Haifa, 22/4/1973 



2009-12 MFA New Media The Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design Prague 2007 Certificate Sound& Lighting “Sound“ School of Audio Engineering Tel Aviv 2006 Teaching Certificate & license The Teachers College of Technology Tel Aviv  2006 B.Ed. F.A. Art& Multimedia Kalisher Art College Tel Aviv 2000 Certificate Multimedia Tel Aviv College Tel Aviv 1997 Certificate Advertising& Media Fashion Institute of Technology New York 


 Professional Experience:  

 2023 Social media, Tour company, Berlin 

 2021-25 Entrepreneur, founder and curator, Berlin-Haifa artist residency 

2020 Social media, plastic revolution, Berlin  

2018-21 Art Consulting and founder, “NY Galerie”, Berlin and NYC 

2013 Production& International -cultural relations, Israeli department, Jewish community, Berlin 2012 Video Production – Camera; Cultural events and concerts, Spanish Synagogue, Prague 2009-11 Assistant editor and Video platform developer “Umelec International Magazine“, Prague 2008-09 Audio, Visual and Performance assistant and production- various artists, Tel Aviv 2007-08 Media management- “Performance Art Platform“, Tel Aviv  

2006 Art problems solution “Roni- Naim” Iron work-shop Tel Aviv 

 Performance assistant “Yarkon” Shachar Marcus, Tel Aviv Museum 

 Teaching Experience: 

 2023 Art& Architecture guide, Berlin 

Art& Film teacher, schools, Berlin 

 2016-23 Artist lecturer ,Kibbutzim College, Art department, Tel Aviv 

2013 Artist lecturer-, Berlin 

2013 Tutor & Course Developer for children and adults, Video art, Haus am Anger, Berlin 2011 Video editing instructor for adults, Prague 

2008-9 Media, Cinema and Communication teacher– special education, Lod

Curetting Experience: 

 2019 “Tension & relief“, NY Studio, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 

2018-9 “NY Salon “, Pop up exhibition 01, NY Galerie, Berlin 

2016 “Born in Berlin“, Plateau Gallery, Berlin 

2013 “Zero“, Open studio, Gallery 44, Green house, Berlin 

2011-12 “Thursday film screening“, International and documentary film screening at VSUP, Prague 2011 Curetting as a Critical Practice, Museum of Contemporary Art of Vojvodina, Novi Sad, Serbia 2010 Curator, “WISHFUL THINKING”, Home Gallery, Prague 

2005 Production& assistant curator -Art exhibition “Teachers team”-“CCA” Tel Aviv 

Residency& Internship: 

2019 Residency in the International Studio Programme, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 2012 Guest artist at Visual Art atelier of Mgr.Milena Dopitová, VSUP, Prague  

2011-12 Internship at ‘Doc. Smetana’ Architecture Department of Vysoká škola uměleckoprůmyslová v Praze 2010-11 Internship at Prof. ‘Kurt Gebauer‘ Sculpture atelier at AAAD, Prague 


2022-3 Zu-fall group, 5 female artists- Curator: Dr. Hadara Shaflan Katzav  

2013-14 “Gallery44” and co-founder of multiplex building for innovative language exchanges, Berlin 2012 vvvv” workshop production, corporation with CIANT and VSUP, Prague 

2010 “Transistor”, visual effect workshop, Ciant, Telc 

2010 “New format”, Exhibition documentation for web, Museums& Gallery, Prague& Berlin  Publications and catalogs


 44 Degrees- Art Magazine Pasinger Fabrik 

Solo exhibition:  

2019 Selected works, Open Studio, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin 

 Selected works ,GlogauAIR Galerie, Berlin. C: Justin Ross 

 2015 Video art, “X”, Artist house TLV, Tel Aviv. C: Arie Berkovich 

 Photography, “Layers”, Green House community gallery, Berlin C: 

 2013 Selected works, “Worth of nature in Body”, GG3000 project, Berlin. C: Tom Albert 

 2012 Installation, “Missing and complete”, Vyšehrad Art Gallery, Prague 

Interactive installation, “View_Point”, Visual Art atelier, Prague. C: Jindřich Smetana 

 2008 Interactive installation “Side Walk” The Jerusalem Artist’s House, Jerusalem. C: Masha Yozefpolsky 

Selected group exhibition: 

 2023 NFT, “Back to Roots”, NFT gallery.  

 2022 Installation Documentation, “Via Joseph”, Galerie asterisk, Berlin. C: Christina Stark 

 Painting, “Red”, The fourth wall Art Space, Berlin. C: Doron Pollak 

 Photography, “Layers”, Israeli life in Berlin-Zusammen art project, Berlin. C: Hadass Reshef  2021 Acrylic on cut blanket, “Bridge”, Artsy, Berlin. C: Dodi Reifenberg 

 2020 Envelop design- painting, Peace art collection, Abu Dhabi- NYC-Tel Aviv  Painting, “Present”, Postcard, Art-week-Berlin  

 Photography, “Layers”, 羅生門, Rashōmon, Pyramid- Contemporary Art Center, Haifa. C: Sari Doveh  2019 Selected works Tension & relief “, NY Studio, Künstlerhaus Bethanien, Berlin. C: Noa Nahari  2018 Video Art, “Side”, TIME is Love.10, Brazil. C: Kisito Assangni 

 Installation, “Via Joseph”, Kindl gallery, Berlin. C: Dr. Martin Steffens 

 2017 Video Art, “Side”, TIME is Love.10, ZKM , Karlsruhe, Germany. C: Kisito Assangni 

 Video art, “X”, Gate 3 gallery, Haifa, Israel. C: Smadar Schindler 

 2016 Paper cut, Babel Tower, Schema Projects, NYC and Rome. C: Doron Pollak 

 2015 Photography, “Layers”, Pasinger Fabrik, Munich. .C: Doron Pollak 

 2014 Installation, “Layer”, Musrara Mix, Jerusalem. .C: Sharon Harodi  

 2013 Video Art, “Playing hide and seek with D[eath]”, NoD Gallery, Prague. C: Veronika Zajačiková  2012 Photography, “Untitled”, Public space, Rishon le Tzion, Israel. C: Nava Shoshani 

 Photography Installation, “There are places I can’t reach”, Běhal Fejér Institute, Prague. C: Milena Dopitova  2011 Performance, “Communication”, DIE FABRIKANTEN, Vernon Gallery, Prague. C: Monika Burian  Video Art, “Playing hide and seek with D[eath]”, TINA B, Prague. C: Monika Burian 

 Video Art, “Playing with D[eath]”, Poznan, Poland 

2010 Video art, “Hugging the pain”, 4 project, Bosna i Hercegovina 

2009 Documentation& Collage, “”, Jewish Salon, Prague. C: Tamara Moyzes  2008 Interactive installation “Side Walk”, International Biennial for Young Art, Moscow. C: Maria Troshina  Video art “Side” Public Viewing Shapira 4, Tel Aviv. .C: Sharon Harodi