January 2024

A letter to the world

A letter to the world to the World” features 100 artists from Israel and Germany in a new exhibition at the “Fourth Wall” space in Hav, the gallery area in Berlin. This marks the tenth project in the Fourth Wall space, established by artists Norma Dreamer and Doron Polk in Matar, aimed at presenting artists from Berlin and Israel alongside others from around the world.

The new project, “Letter to the World,” emerged in response to the situation created last October at the beginning of the war in Gaza, highlighting the artists’ need to communicate with the world. Subsequently, the initiative expanded to include additional messages that artists wished to convey to a broader audience.

The exhibition consists of works in painting, photography, video, and text, accompanied by video installations. It will open in the Fourth Wall space on January 20, 2024.

Art related to letters is not new in the art world. “Mail Art” was highly developed during the twentieth century, with well-known artists creating letters for creative friends, art teachers, museum institutions, and others. In 1999, the Museum of Literature in Frankfurt presented an exhibition titled “Artists Sending Peace” from Israel, featuring works of art inspired by the peace treaties with Egypt and Jordan.

The current exhibition covers a wide range of topics, including the need for understanding and moderation, relationships within families, memories of the Holocaust, concerns for global and regional peace, and more.

The exhibition is curated by Doron Polak, the gallery curator, with Yair Avivi serving as the gallery coordinator. Noa Nahari, an artist and co-curator, along with Hagit Ben Ami and Daniela Aira from Israel, collaborated on producing the project with the gallery and helped prepare the exhibition.