September 2023


Water is indispensable for life. 70 Percent of my body contains water. Greek language once did not know one word for blue but had many words for different shades of the color. Civilisations were created by the flow of rivers or by crossings seas. The scientific properties of water allow the circle of vaporisation, forming of clouds, and rain. The ice of glaciers helps keep the climate stay in a livable degree of heat. Deep water does not freeze so that the fish can survive.

A change of climate can either make earth inhabitable because of the heat, or the opposite, a snow and ice cover of the earth can kill all the plants and most organic life.

Hurricanes, tropical storms, tsunamis or hale might destroy overnight what humans have built and are proud to call their civilisations.

Water recalls the old wisdom that everything, be it fire, or atomic energy can be an enrichment of our lives or it could destroy it.

Whenever I fly between continents and look at the changing landscape of clouds and earth and water, I feel awe at what humans are able to do and what our beautiful earth can be if we do not destroy it but research more of how to save it for us humans.

The two works are called Reflections 1 and 2.

The measure is 150 x80. The technique is fine art prints on alu dibond and acryl.

They are about where I feel at home, about air, earth, water and reflections.

Norma Drimmer